aluminium venetian blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds have been a firm favourite for many years, and are still one of the most versatile and practical window coverings you can choose. For simplicity of design and clean-cut elegance, nothing compares with Lohrey aluminim venetian blinds.

Lohrey aluminium venetians are available in slim 25mm and retro 50mm styles, together with a wide range of decorator colours.

Classic 50mm

A popular retro-look venetian blind with the elegance of the twenties combined with contemporary styling.

Softline Faber Slim

The very latest development in venetian blinds from Denmark featuring a unique curved headrail and co-ordinated components.

Classic Slim

These versatile Venetians fit superbly into any situation in your home or office, whether ultra modern or traditional.

Motorised Option

Most aluminium Venetian blinds can be fully motorised for both tiling and lifting.


Robust top quality steel headrails provide the foundation for Lohrey Venetian blinds.

Manufactured from engineering grade plastics incorporating metal guide rollers. All moving parts are lubricated during assembly and need no further attention during the life of the blind.

Lead free oven baked polyester enamil paint applied over a chemical pre-treatment. This resists scratching, and provides superior corrosion protection.

Lohrey aluminium venetian blinds are custom made to fit your window perfectly. Depending on the style, Venetians can be as narrow as 150mm or as wide as 3.2m. Sloping windows can also be accommodated.

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