Cedar Blinds

Cedar Venetian Blinds

Cedar is a superb, high quality timber from Canada. It’s renowned for its durability and stability and is perfect for New Zealand conditions, with our harsh sunlight in summer and dampness in winter.

Each cedar blade is 46 or 60mm in width and is coated in a superb high quality lacquer or paint finish, making them less likely to fade and warp in the sun. We have over 30 different stains to choose from and we can match any paint colour you might be using on your walls or architraves.

Cedar is the premium wood for venetian blinds. If you choose any other wood for your blinds you risk the slats warping, bowing or cupping and sometimes the paint or stain will lift from individual slats.

The cedar look is warm and natural and will add character to any room. In winter you can completely close the blinds and the cedar will retain the heat, keeping you warm and cosy. And when summer comes around, just open up the blades and let the cool breeze drift through.

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